Monday, 24 June 2013

Before the Dawn

The Garden
Before the Dawn, is to try to understand those things that you need to do before you start to think of a garden.
  • What sort of garden, 
  • Where to place it
  • How you manage the grow process
Are all STAGE 2 thought processes and are the things that people  focus on when they think of what they need to do first. They think of the process, the management, the vision of the result, before they really look at the first question ;
  • Why you want a garden.
Do you want a garden to grow flowers because you love to control fresh flowers, do you want to have your own vegetables to eat or share with people or do you want to have enough to sell and try to make some extra money.

Why not just buy your vegetables from the supermarket or flowers from florists, why muck about with a garden, with weeding, watering, etc... to get a result, when you can just buy what you want so much easier.

 It's the same in business.Why not have a job working with someone, why have the stress and hassle of running a business.

You may be a great electrician, plumber, accountant or whatever, however you need skills to make the business work that is a different skill to being the electrician plumber or accountant.

There needs to be an understanding why you want to be in business before you look at all those things that will make it successful, without this understanding you will never know if you are travelling the right path or even when you have reached the result that you want.

When you climb a mountain, first you need to see and understand the mountain. Understand what you want to do - climb the mountain, find a path, learn how to climb etc... But also to understand what you want to achieve - to stand on the mountain , to be part of a team to get to the mountain, to engage and show others as you climb - its your success and you need to be clear what you want.

All the rest is process, but people tend to just see this process as the most important part and forget what they want to achieve and the final goals they want to achieve.

Without the thought process before the dawn, then inputs like sun, water, soil, seed and whatever will not mean anything and your garden will not grow to achieve the reasons that you started it.

Same with your business, you need to feel why you want to be in business, then the process will be created so you can achieve it.

Tony Park

PS     Its always colder before the dawn but was always the best time for armed forces to attack - same for you to start your journey to create your success. New information coming soon to so you can create your future !

PPS   Next Blog is some "learning" opportunities that I have had along the way, for you to learn from.

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