Sunday, 30 June 2013

Control what control.

Hi my friends,
One of the main reasons that people put down for operating their own business is to be your own boss and control your life.

All bosses are making money right, so if I am a boss I can make money and work how I want to work, rather than being told to work.

Its a dream of many people and a lot of times over rides all other thought of why you want to be in business.

Gardens are the same, people have this feeling to have "fresh" food, pick their food when they want, and know what chemicals could be used.

They don't take into account the challenges to other parts of their lives to get the benefits.
 In the garden you have to spend time in weeding, water, pruning harvesting and getting the garden prepared for next harvest.

In Business you have the stress to make sure cash flow is right, sales will happen, control of people and many many more activities that make up the business.

You can employ people to help you - but the buck stops with you to make sure it all happens.

If it does not happen - you cannot run away, employees can go off and find other jobs but the responsibility of the business is yours.

So this is another important thing you have to come to grips with before you take the important step to be in business for yourself.

Like a garden you don't want to be left with just  a bunch of dead plants, and the results of all that work is not what you expected.

Don't see yourself over the finish line before you start to train - focus on it, have it as a goal, but don't run the race before you are prepared.

Being in business for yourself may not have the control that you think, just different controls, control by your team members, control by creditors and control by your bank.

As the Buck stops with you - then you will find in most cases you don't have the control that you thought, understanding this will allow you to manage this control for the benefits that should come from running your own business.

Contact me at tony@businessgardener if you want a gardener to assist you to grow your business.

Tony Park

PS    You can control those things that can make your business create what you want from it - understanding   what you want from it and that the control of the business is as important as the operations of the business, will allow this to happen.

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