Saturday, 6 July 2013

It's lonely in business

Hi my friends,
So you are in business for yourself.

You have the right reasons, you have the vision to achieve and you have the business that you are working in to make all this happen.

You may even have a great team around you, working together on shared outcomes but you are starting to find that along with the excitement of running your own business comes the challenge of making all the decisions.
  • Making sure there are funds each quarter to pay your tax and other payments, is up to you. 
  • Ensuring that the funds are there each month to pay the accounts is up to you.
  • Weekly payments for wages is up to you.

And when things are going okay and cash flow is great, then being in business is positive and exciting, however when its starts to go poorly, when cash flow reduces and you have tried everything to keep it going, then it still is up to you.

Some employee's could help, even your spouse and friends think they are helping - but at the end of the day its you that has to look in the mirror and have to face up to it.

Most people bottle all this stress up, try to fix it and some do, however a lot don't and bad bankruptcies, marriage break ups and even suicides then could happen.

I have been through it a number of times, I was able to manage things through hassles with support from my wife, my Mum and Dad, friends and some great team members - until unfortunately one thing did not work and things tumbled down. I had poor health, poor sleep patterns and working 7 days a week trying to fix things.

Things I learnt from all these challenges was that you have to set life priorities - family, yourself and friends. Business is a tool for these and that you need to work more ON your business than IN your business.

When you are also caught up IN the business, when its up to you to clean the toilets, to hammer the nail or make the bed, then the needs of someone working IN the business tend to get put on the back burner until its too late.

So when you are in this bind, what you need is a set of outside eyes to help you - a Mentor, a Guide someone who is not involved IN the business.

You are not alone in this, people can try to help and they may just assist in the winding up of the business - but at least you will have someone to bounce ideas off and the right person may be able to come up with solutions of know people who may help.

We at the Business Gardener may be able to help, we have the experiences - positive and negative to have a chat with to see what may be done.

Contact me at tony@businessgardener to see what we can do for you or see the full menu at ;

Tony Park
Business Gardener.

PS      You don't have to do it alone.

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