Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Life its a game.

I received this from a face book friend while taking a small break, first week away for over 12 months.
I have had a horrible couple of years ending with some huge challenges in my business and working career.

Now all this bad stuff is getting behind me and I have time to reflect on where I am at and the paths I have walk on to get here - more importantly the new paths I am creating for the future, I can see some exciting things again.

The creation of visions are assisted by important things around you and the most important things I have found is not money or the other "things" that people see are important - but friends and family.

These are the important things like the soil type, whether it will rain and what minerals and goodies are in the soil - without them you cannot grow anything.

Can have the best seed and it is possible to spend a lot of money on some of these things, but the outcomes are poor, unless you have the foundations for that growth.

Friends and family I have found are the foundations for life - your life and you only get one go at it, appreciate them and make sure you spend time to engage and enjoy them, to give you the strength and focus to develop what you want out of life.

Spending all your time at the office or at work does not create your life - you need to take breaks to reflect on where you are at, are you still on your business path and plan and more importantly are you still on your own life path.

Its like the old story of two wood cutters, they both started cutting a load of wood, but one had a break every hour and seemed to go inside for a rest. However at the end of the day he had cut much more wood than the wood cutter who had not had a break and he did not know why, he worked harder than the other chap, did not have a break and was focussed on cutting the wood. This went on for days until finally he could not stand it any more and asked him what his secret was. The other wood cutter said was simple, when he went to have a break he sharpened up his axe.

That is what you can when you have a break you resharpen your assets, refocus back to your personal and business plans and at the end you can achieve so much more.

So your life game is the only game, you need to ensure that you are on track with your game, every now and again refocus by having a break and using the vision back tot he main game and most of all enjoy it - its the only life game you will have.

Till next time
Tony Park

Head Gardener at the Business Gardener

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